Giada Tong Chen: Charting a Path Beyond Boundaries


Global Enterpreneur and Fashion Model: The Inspiring Journey of a Business Woman

In the world of business and entrepreneurship, Giada Tong Chen is an Italian/Chinese Entrepreneur, managing director of Gdc Trade Solutions and Royal Matchpoint. She is considered among the most followed business and finance influencers of the last generation. Giada has carved a niche for herself that transcends traditional career paths. She graduate with excellent grades from the Faculty of Business and Management at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Giada Chen also holds a Master’s degree in Business & Admnistration from the University Il Sole 24 ORE Business School in Milan, coupled with her fluency in Italian, English, Chinese, and German, Giada’s global outlook is a testament to her dedication to continuous learning and cultural exchange.

During her studies, in 2014 she has the opportunity to work for the Casino of Venice, a reality known for Poker and gambling. She deals with the management of special clients that is conveyed to Venice for international tournaments. In the same year she also cultivates a modeling career by posing for the April Vogue Italia editorial. During 2016 she moved to Milan and landed in the luxury furniture industry, becoming in effect an Asia Export Manager.

In fact so as to manage clients for more than 50+ countries around the world. In 2017 in fact she arrives at the Leadership of Turri SPA, and then continues to follow Provasi in several strategic operations in Sardinia with the support of the Group Welth-X dossier and reports company.

She ends her collaborations with Alchymia, a company specializing in high-luxury wall decoration. Her transition into more strategic roles, Giada leveraged her expertise in sales and market development across various industries, from high-end luxury furniture to medical equipment trading. Her entrepreneurial spirit culminated in the founding of her own companies, focusing on bridging trading and logistical gaps between Asia, especially China, and the global market.

A Multifaceted Professional with a Global Vision

In 2021 she begins her trading journey, working closely with a Brazilian and Chinese Trading Company to export a large quantities of medical supplies worldwide during the “Covid-19” pandemic outbreak.
In March 2022 at only 26years she was appointed as a Vice-President of Spas Ltd, leading the company back to growth and generating Ebitda for the double as a previous year. Giada’s role as CEO and founder of her own company underscores her ability to navigate in the competitive business landscape. Her comprehensive management skills, budgeting, and employee performance evaluation, have propelled her company to success.

Moreover, Giada’s tenure as a VP and Export Manager reflects her acumen in coorporate sales development, business strategy to market penetration.

Beyond Business: Life Background

Giada’s personal story is equally inspiring. Breaking away from the expected path of joining the family restaurant business, she pursued a modeling career that funded her education and opened doors to the world. Her modeling journey is not just about glamour but reflects her independence, confidence, and willingness to embrace life’s opportunities andchallenges.

Giada Chen embodies the essence of true beauty through her attitude, respectfulness, loyalty, and authenticity. Her journey reflects a commitment to personal and professional growth, demonstrating that with determination and a positive mindset, boundaries can be transcended, and dreams can be realized.

A Legacy of Leadership and Innovation

Giada’s proudest moments are not just milestones but the cumulative skills and experiences gained through years of working alongside and leading teams older than her. Her story is a compelling reminder that age is but a number when it comes to professional achievements and making an impact.

Giada Chen’s journey from fashion comparing to the boardrooms of global trade is a testament to the power of vision, versatility, and vigor. As she continues to explore new horizons and break new ground, Giada stands as an inspiring figure for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide, proving that success is not just about reaching a destination but about the journey and the many roles you embrace along the way.

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