RO-MiNA: The Visionary Behind ROMi Runway’s Glamorous Revolution


Founder and CEO of ROMi Runway

RO-MiNA’s journey from her roots in Uzbekistan to becoming a prominent figure in Philadelphia’s fashion scene is nothing short of inspiring. As the founder and CEO of ROMi Runway, she has successfully blended her rich cultural heritage with a modern, glamorous approach to fashion. Her brand is not just about clothing; it’s about empowerment, confidence, and making bold statements.

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Interview with RO-MiNA: Insights into the Vision Behind ROMi Runway

  1. Your journey from Uzbekistan to Philadelphia is truly inspiring. How did your cultural background shape your vision for ROMi Runway?

“Even though I was born in Uzbekistan, I consider myself Eastern European, and they love to dress up no matter where they go! I was in Ukraine during the winter once, and all the girls were walking around in high stiletto heels and fur coats! Even though there was slush and snow everywhere! So being overdressed was always how I was even growing up. ROMi Runway is definitely that – dressed up! If I make sweat pants, best believe they will be glamorous!”

  1. Can you tell us about the moment you decided to transition from music to fashion, and what inspired you to launch ROMi Runway?

“I wouldn’t say ‘transitioned’. I still do music as well; I was in the studio last week recording a new Russian song. It’s more like adding to my plate of already doing a million things! I’ve always wanted to start this brand, it just was never the right time. Until now. I was pregnant when I started and that was my push. This pregnancy was pretty rough on me, and opening my brand gave me purpose and basically saved me from being depressed.”

  1. As a young girl, you sewed dresses for your Barbies. How did those early creative endeavors influence your approach to fashion design today?

“I like to create what I would wear, ideas just pop into my mind and I go with it. I had a very big imagination as a child, and the sky’s the limit. Whether it’s from nowhere or I see something I like and re-create it into my style.”

  1. Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship is no small feat. How do you manage to juggle your responsibilities and still find time to create?

“My kids inspire me every day! I’ve learned so much from them. But I could never be a full-time stay-at-home mom; all power to the women who can do that, but it’s just not me. So setting aside time for my work is very important to me.”

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  1. “Insane” was a major hit on the Billboard club dance charts. How does your experience in the music industry influence your work in fashion?

“Fashion, especially on stage, is a huge part of the music industry. I feel like many of the styles I create can be worn just on a day out or just as well on stage to perform!”

  1. ROMi Runway is known for its use of vegan leather. Why was it important for you to integrate sustainable materials into your collections?

“They feel just as good as real leather and are better for the environment and way less expensive! I wanted my brand to be affordable and eco-friendly!”

  1. Your designs aim to empower women and make them feel confident. What is your process for creating pieces that achieve this goal?

“I think women love comfort as much as they love style and fit. So I do my best to get the styles I create to fit well, feel comfortable and still look nice and sexy. I try on each piece and make many changes and tweaks before finalizing the finished product.”

  1. Starting ROMi Runway while pregnant with your third son is remarkable. How has your role as a mother influenced your brand and designs?

“Thank you!! I think a lot of women think that they need to look or dress a certain way after they become a mother and also while they are pregnant. But I wanted to still look and feel sexy even while being pregnant and definitely after! I don’t think that being a mother should take away our sexiness, it should add to it! Like here I am, mother of 3, still looking hot!! I work hard for my body, I eat healthy and workout, so I want to show off my hard work! And ROMi Runway definitely has the clothes for that! Also I have sizes XS to XL. So that no matter what size you are, you can still dress cute!”

  1. Philadelphia has a unique cultural and fashion scene. How has growing up there impacted your creative vision for ROMi Runway?

“I think that Philly fashion is kind of all over the place haha!! But in the going out world, I definitely think the girls can step it up!! Whenever I go out, I’m usually the most dressed-up person in the place haha!! But that never bothered me and only inspired me to create a line where everything is ‘dressy.’”

  1. What advice would you give to young women who aspire to follow in your footsteps and make their mark in the fashion industry?

“Just be yourself, don’t be afraid to create something that you like. A lot of people tell me I need to do this or that or adhere to the masses – but then it wouldn’t be MY brand and MY designs. I think if you want to start your own brand, it should be just that, YOUR OWN!”

RO-MiNA’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, creativity, and the courage to pursue one’s passion. ROMi Runway stands as a beacon of style, confidence, and empowerment, encouraging women everywhere to embrace their uniqueness and dress for success.

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