Aldo Corbo’s Aldo Corbo Dental Center takes over the Italian dental care industry.


The undisputed entrepreneur has pioneered dental tourism and affordable dental care in Italy.

The massive momentum and growth a few industries have achieved in all these years can be attributed to a number of factors. Of course, the early and increased adoption of the latest technological advancements is one major factor; no one can deny the relentless efforts, passion, commitment, and revolutionary ideas with which a few entrepreneurs, founders, thought leaders, and top voices work to bring more glory to their respective sectors much like what a phenomenal Italian entrepreneur, Aldo Corbo Baldassare has done so far in his illustrious career in the Italian dental care sector.

Aldo Corbo has emerged as a revered figure in the dental care sector, earning widespread praise in Italy for his provision of affordable dental care treatments and solutions. His flagship establishment, the Aldo Corbo Dental Center, has become an international standard, drawing patients from around the globe. His distinctive strategy of combining high-quality care with accessible and affordable pricing has truly revolutionized the dental healthcare industry in Italy and beyond.

What truly distinguishes this remarkable Italian entrepreneur is his commitment to solving the problems of hundreds of patients who cannot afford high costs. Aldo Corbo has not only created a protocol that ensures the highest quality with high-level materials used for dental treatments, but also offers lower prices than foreign clinics, all while delivering the desired results to his patients.

“I attribute the consistent upward growth trend of my brand, Aldo Corbo Dental Center, to the courage of my team to take calculated risks, our ‘never-give-up’ approach when facing obstacles, and our determination and humility in overcoming challenges. These are the ingredients that guarantee success,” shares the visionary behind Aldo Corbo Dental Center.

Since founding his clinic in 2008, Aldo Corbo has expanded its operations across Italy with plans to extend its reach internationally. Through his genuine efforts, he has transformed the dental care landscape in Italy in more ways than one. The talent from Canicattì, a town in Sicily, Italy, has always been driven by the desire to improve the dental care sector in Italy. 

Recognizing the need for affordable and accessible dental care services in Italy and noticing how Italians would seek dental care treatments from abroad, he founded Corbo Dental Clinic, which he has grown since its inception in 2008. Today, his efforts have positioned him as a pioneer in dental implantology, gaining him recognition across Europe.

Introducing Dental Tourism in Italy, an innovative concept significantly reduced the number of patients traveling abroad for dental care treatments, redirecting healthcare expenditures to the Italian economy. Aldo Corbo has opened several clinics nationwide and will soon expand his business abroad. He has also grown as an inspiring author to his debut book, “Invent Your Future,” where he shares his experiences and wisdom while motivating others to pursue their dreams with resilience and determination.

Thus, Aldo Corbo has risen as an undisputed entrepreneur in the dental sector. Italians love him for the great help he provides every day for dental care, even to those who have no means.

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